aluminum profile design processOur approach for every new aluminum extrusions requirement involves having a comprehensive understanding of your product so our team can review the profile design and confirm “design for extrudability”. Understanding the component’s end use and associated product requirements are essential to selecting the proper aluminum alloy. Additionally, establishing tolerance limitations and directional build-up during the design review ensures functional performance and may reduce the need for additional machining.

Concurrent with the extrusion design process, our aluminum manufacturing solutions team focuses on any recut, CNC machining, punching, or finishing requirements. On profiles requiring further fabrication, our ability to deploy multi part set-ups offers significant savings to our customers.

When a new profile or component design review is finalized, a formal quote from Vitex Extrusion is submitted. Depending on the engineering requirements of the profile or component, it typically takes us 1-3 days to develop a formal quote. Included will be the aluminum extrusion and applicable fabrication costs.

Prior to an order being entered, a detailed drawing of the extrusion is forwarded for final review and approval. This profile drawing is referenced throughout the entire production process, from tool development to final inspection.


To initiate a design review and/or production estimate, please complete our online form or contact us directly at 603.934.5275. We prefer to review designs from CAD based files such as dwg, dxf and step files. As we review your design, we can verify its production and downstream manufacturing feasibility and, if discovered, offer suggestions for improvement or adding value.