aluminum machining technologyVitex Extrusion’s machining team provides precision machining for highly detailed aluminum shapes and components used in a variety of finished products. By initially handling every aspect of the aluminum extrusion, our team learns about your product application, understands your specifications, and applies this knowledge in the machining process, which results in shorter setup time and high precision machining.

We are committed to delivering highly accurate, consistent components to our customers and continually analyze and improve our CNC machining process to increase efficiency and improve performance. Strategic new equipment investments and skilled employees ensure Vitex Extrusion remains a strong manufacturing partner that keeps pace with its customers’ production demands. Additionally, by using equipment that supports multiple pallet set-ups – rotating plates that support the work pieces – parts can be loaded and machined simultaneously, providing significant time savings to the production process.

If you’re an OEM, systems integrator or product manufacturer seeking an aluminum extruder who can provide consistent, reliable machining capabilities, contact Vitex Extrusions today about your existing or new projects.


  • Prototyping
  • Long-bed CNC machining
  • Dual pallet VMC machining centers
  • Multi pallet HMC machining for highly scalable production
  • 3, 4 and 5 axis machining